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We have trained more students and teachers than most other companies in the world. We are always interested to know if you have encountered one of the amazing teachers that we have trained in the past.
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We have wonderful programs for all experience levels of practitioners. We want to make sure that we connect you with the appropriate trainings and information once you have completed your application.
As a result of our teacher training, many people endure amazing transformational experiences that transfer to all areas of their lives. Is this the type of experience you are looking for? *

Of course our goal is to offer the highest quality teacher training in the world. But, to fully experience all that our trainings have to offer, we are looking for students who are searching for meaningful and impactful experiences in addition to the educational components of our offerings.
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We offer many different training options. This will help us get you to the right spot in the application process.

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Not only do our students learn a lot from the instructors, but they also learn some of the most transformational lessons from each other and the group interaction. We are always focused on making the experience meaningful and enriching for all of our students.
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